Курсовая по грузовым автомобильным перевозкам

Iron ore is bulk cargo and it is caried usualy on bulk vesels carying on usual ships is done only for smal lots of cargoes the main properties of ore as a bulk cargo are selfrizing, selftightening and others smal volume pertion of cargo maybe dangerous for ship stability and stronghes of hul, therefore the loading of ore on nonspecialized ships must be organized with whole acording of cargoplan iron ore is divided to dry grey, diameter of pieces is than 0,05 m damply to 10 of dampnes wet 13 of dampnes dampnes is important property of cargo because other properties depend on it if dampnes is les, than 7, then cargo is nonfrezing at temperature below 0 and humidity above 13 ore frezes together, that complicates its transportation, on it during transportation it is necesary to suport set температурновлажностный a mode for what on a regular basis to measure parameters трюмного air if necesary to make natural or compulsory ventilation in consequence of the big density of ore the hold or the twin deck canot be loaded by her completely as the requirement to local durability of the case acording to which be unusable a cargo premise in this case is broken canot loaded completely by a cargo rice transport in unary and double bags from 80 up to 10 kg rice difers from others grain an extreme susceptibility to various smels and active hygroscopicity it has high percent of humidity and thus is capable to absorb in itself a moisture or to evaporate it depending on a condition of air in holds normal los of weight owing to evaporation of a moisture no more than 2,5 is considered by transportation rice, except for usual preparation of cargo premises for transportation grain, it is necesary to acept a number of aditional measures rice demands very carefuly developed and efective system of ventilation for two reasons first, rice alocates a quantity of a coal acid in the form of gas, and, secondly, moisture content leads запотеванию condensation of a moisture on wals holds on it the condensate wil drip on a cargo from the certain points of a metal design if necesary safety measures wil not be acepted rice is exposed to heating quickly enough, and this fact is conected with downturn of humidity, than and reduction of weight in traditional change from 1 up to 3 speaks the botom part the botom, a flor hold should be covered thin and batens, laid acros a vesel and the boards laid afar of a vesel alcohol is transported in cans or botles packed in boxes woden and cardboard boxes are used to packing of botles for protection botles from beating they are in cals and separated al boxes should have special marks cautiously fragile or top handle with care warning about presence inside of a box of glas and showing top of a box loading alcoholic products make with the big care excluding jerks of mechanisms, rocking of rises, dumping boxes from height it is not necesary to load atop of boxes with alcoholic products heavy cargoes which can damage underlaying cargoes while loading it is necesary to control guarantying and quality of cargo cargoes with spots of damage, beating or leaking dont acepted to carying if it is loaded by requirement of special comision this checking and its курсовая по бухгалтерскому учету скачать ...: курсовая по грузовым автомобильным перевозкам.

Result must be fixed in special document bananas concern to perishable cargoes of a tropical origin their feature is the smal range of temperatures at which they kep the validity from 1с tо 58с, on it their transportation is caried out on special bananacariers on usualy ships they are can carier only during smal period and with proper temperature regime before loading temperature in holds mast is below optimal on 56с bananas are caried in bunches whole brunches, packed in paliation bags with ventilation or craftpaper or solemn or brunches of red at loading it is necesary to consider vulnerability of a cargo to chemical and mechanical influence, therefore atop of bananas other cargoes should not be placed for safe transportation of the given cargo strict observance of a temperature mode by regular ventilation is necesary ооо логистиктранссервис логистическая компания ооо логистиктранссервис мы рады приветствовать вас на сайте ооо желдорэкспедиция служба компания основана курсовая по грузовым автомобильным перевозкам: курсовая по бухгалтерскому учету скачать .